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Six advantages that go the heart of the Capna difference

At the heart of Capna is a focus on creating the most efficient, safe and eco-friendly methods of cannabis extraction and processing. Superior R&D combined with years of market testing have allowed us to create patented systems that elevate quality, performance and ROI beyond any competing solution.

Our extraction parameters create fully de-waxed, chlorophyll-free “shatter quality” extracts with a THC/minor cannabinoid yield as high as 82% — far above older butane and CO2 methods.
Precision engineering and a highly automated operation design allow our systems to deliver outstanding performance and durability even when used to their maximum capacity on a daily basis.
In addition to ethanol being FDA classified as a safe Class 3 solvent, our closed systems avoid the use of pressure or exposed parts to further ensure operator safety.
Our closed-loop process delivers a 98.6% extraction efficiency rate, and allows a single operator to save 48 hours of extra work normally spent winterizing or dewaxing an extract.
Our systems are built to grow with you by combining exceptionally large capacity with a lower purchase cost, so you can expand your operation over time and maximize ROI faster.
Our extraction procedures generate no chemical waste, while allowing you to re-use the ethanol in your system to further reduce environmental impact and lower operating costs.

See our technology in motion

Our short film makes it easy to understand the key steps of our patented ethanol extraction process. You also have the option of scheduling a live or virtual demonstration at your convenience. Visit our Contact page for details.